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5 Invaluable Tips for a Jobseeker

We have all been there. The search for a job in today’s working society is a difficult one, competition is fierce, and degrees are flying around left, right and centre. We have put together a few helpful tips that could help you get that dream job.

1. Update your CV

It sounds obvious but making sure your CV is updated and relevant to each separate job you apply for is essential. It’s easy to become tired of the endless job applications and submit a general CV for each vacancy. Keeping your CV updated is a little bit more effort but trust us, it pays off. Employers can tell if you are just sending out a general CV. Make sure your CV highlights your skills that are relevant to the job (and company) you are applying to, even use sentences in your CV taken from the job description!

2. Connections

Connections are key. By connections we mean people you know - friends, family, friend’s families, family’s friends. Connections are endless and sometimes surprising. Honestly, it’s all about who you know in the working world. Let it be known about the type of job you are searching for and let your family and friends do the talking. Your Uncle Bob’s best mate could be Director of Your Dream Company and has a vacancy that’s perfect for you!

There is also the option of attending networking events, it is simple to find these held locally, just google it! They are often for free and are in the form of a masterclass, allowing attendees to learn a new skill, while simultaneously making new connections. Take some business cards if you have some!

3. LinkedIn

Leading on from connections, be sure you’re on LinkedIn and keep your profile up to date too. LinkedIn is the social media platform for business professionals to connect and expand their list of contacts. Jobs vacancies are posted on here every day and LinkedIn even has a function that helps you write that winning CV. Be careful who you’re stalking though, people get a notification when you view their profile!

4. Mindset

Perhaps the most important tip of all – be open minded. It’s perfectly normal to feel disheartened after a job rejection, we have all been there. The old saying ‘one door closes and another opens’ proves its worth in the hunt for a job. You never know what opportunities are waiting around the corner. Just keep being persistent, follow up after meeting someone new, and chase up job applications you are waiting to hear from!

5. Prince Resourcing

Don’t forget to remain in contact with the team at Prince Resourcing, our job is to support you and provide you with the opportunities you deserve. Prince Resourcing firmly believe that the right job can change a person's life, and the right employee or colleague can transform a business. And ensuring that we make the right matches for our clients and candidates is down to how good we are on the inside.

Through a combination of experience and sector knowledge, Prince Resourcing Recruitment can provide a specialist service to clients and candidates alike, placing the right people in the right roles, at the right time.

For more information on the opportunities we are currently working on please get in touch with us on 029 20 09 7000 or

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